Welcome to Agro Floral, where our passion for flowers meets uncompromising quality. With 22 years of experience, Daniel Fendler started our company with the mission to market and export the finest fresh flowers from Israel to wholesalers and importers worldwide.
Our meticulous selection process ensures that only the freshest flowers and green decorative branches, cultivated under optimal conditions by Israel’s finest growers, make it into our inventory.

Drawing on our extensive knowledge, we pinpoint the most impressive and high-quality blooms, each picked at the ideal season for maximum allure.
Israel’s optimal climate and cutting-edge agricultural technology have positioned it as a global leader in flower exports. Agro Floral showcases various flowers and greenery, including rare and unique varieties tailored to our customers’ discerning preferences.

Swiftly transported by air, our blooms are expertly packaged with precision and care. This ensures their freshness and safeguards them against pests until they arrive at their destination. We invite you to experience the beauty and excellence of Agro Floral today. You will join a community of satisfied clients who appreciate our flowers’ unrivaled freshness and premium quality.